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The Majority

Most projects or initiatives require more than "a light touch" to be successful.  

  • 3-5 internal departments, and 1-3 outside vendors or customers.

  • Company reliant on success to achieve cost reduction or revenue targets.

  • Culture not forgiving of a "chaotic success" approach where progress is non-linear and can be 1 step back for every 3 steps forward.

Think about using a few basic processes and artifacts to keep the project on track and everyone aligned.

For the purposes of this example, a fictitious project by The Bhatia Medical Center to <goal> has been used. Links to sample templates are in each section.


The Overall Approach

Processes and artifacts to consider*

  • Communications Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Risk Management

  • Issue Management

  • Scope Management

  • Cost Management

  • Time Management

Full Library of Sample Artifacts

* - PMBOK areas used to separate concepts. This is an imperfect breakdown, however it is the most common shared vernacular across the industry.

   - Not all processes or artifacts may be appropriate for a given situation. Please review this list with your project owners to determine what is right for you.

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