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The Light Touch

There are many instances where just a light touch of structure is appropriate. 

  • A small company with no more than 4 different departments, where the problem is well understood, the cost is minimal, and there is a minimal number of stakeholders to keep aligned.

  • An R&D company such as a startup, where the problem space is in its infancy and it is difficult to clearly identify scope and hence predict cost or time.

  • Company culture is tolerant of non-linear progress with frequent pitfalls & recoveries.

A few basic processes and artifacts can keep the project on track and everyone aligned without requiring much money or time.

For the sample templates, a fictitious project by The Bhatia Physicians Practice to improve the health of their diabetic patients by remotely monitoring patient vitals and glucose levels has been used. 


The Full Methodology

A light touch still must address 4 areas to maximize project success:

  • Financials (Business Cases, ongoing cost management)

  • Scope and Time management

  • Risk and Issue management

  • Communications & Stakeholder management

Full Library of sample artifacts


  • PMBOK areas used to separate concepts. This is an imperfect breakdown, however it is the most common shared vernacular across the industry.

  • Not all processes or artifacts may be appropriate for a given situation. Your company culture may require items not listed here. Please review this list with your project owners to determine what is right for you.

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