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Vivek Bhatia was annoyed at the incompleteness of many of the more popular earthquake kit lists available. He decided to merge them all, plus look at some of the hurricane or tornado kits also available. This is his personal belief in what a comprehensive earthquake kit should contain. One day he hopes to actually have everything on this list :-) 

Click here for the google doc 


In the doc you'll see there are 9 sections of items:

  1. Water

    • Both containers and ways to make water safe​

  2. Food-Non Perishable

    • Freeze dried foods with 25 year lifespan, so you're safe if you forget to check your kit for ​years

  3. Food-Perishable

    • So you don't have to eat freeze dried foods for *every* meal :-)​

  4. Food-Prep

    • Plates, utensils, sterno heat (freeze dried needs boiling water)​

  5. Lights/Power

    • Candlelight is romantic only if it's by choice...​

  6. Health & Safety

    • self explanatory​

  7. First Aid / Medical​​

    • self explanatory​

  8. Other

    • I couldn't think of a better category​

  9. Car

    • In case you're not at home, or you need to quickly evacuate your house


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