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Our Story

After working at traditional consulting companies with strong methodologies like Deloitte, then small consulting companies who truly understand both business and technology, Vivek Bhatia founded The Bhatia Group in 2013 to serve small to mid-tier clients who wanted the best of both worlds. We are committed to staying a boutique agency with no non-billable staff to keep rates lower than industry average. To learn more about his background, see his LinkedIn page. 

We recognize that many initiatives require multiple resources and types to succeed. We have signed partnership agreements in place to allow us to provide additional personnel without incurring additional administrative costs. You can be confident that signing a Master Services Agreement with both The Bhatia Group and the following companies will deliver the highest possible quality at the best possible price.  

We Design, Build and Implement Solutions for Healthcare Providers, Insurance Companies and Government Agencies

We help our clients grow and make more money

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