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A better and faster software selection process.

Traditional Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes take 6-9 months to select a vendor. Add in contract negotiation and implementation time and its 18-14 months between starting to look and being able to use a new system. The market and/or competitive landscape may have fundamentally changed.

In response many companies utilize an unstructured approach to selecting software. Implementations then go awry or business value isn't maximized because the right stakeholders weren't aligned, the right vendors weren't included in the upfront analysis, or a realization that the software won't actually enable the business opportunities.

The Bhatia Group has written this guide for companies who want a better way but cannot afford to bring on a consulting firm to help them through the process on their own. It is written with the “superset” of steps and a and a process that is loosely structured to focus on speed and stakeholder alignment to achieve rapid results.


Click here to download the guide


Click here to download a sample RFP  

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